Digital platform for battery material data, knowledge and their linking (DigiBatMat)

Project duration:
01.03.2021 – 29.02.2024

DigiBatMat is located in the ProZell Competence Cluster at Project Management Jülich and is part of the MaterialDigital platform.


  • INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials (INM)
  • Aalen University of Technology and Economics (HSAA)
  • AWS Institute for Digitized Products and Processes (AWSi)
  • TU Braunschweig, Institute for Particle Technology (iPAT)
  • TU Braunschweig, Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology (IWF)
  • KIT, Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB)
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August Wilhelm Scheer Institut
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Technische Universität Braunschweig

Today, the properties of battery materials are determined anew at every development step through elaborate series tests. The heterogeneous data obtained in this process has so far been difficult to link with data from the manufacturing process and system characterization in order to compare them with each other and the state of research. This project creates a platform for interoperable management of battery materials data that enables predictions of quality and performance through machine learning and correlation analysis. An established (NMC) and an innovative reference electrode material (LMO/LTO) will be characterized, improved and compared from raw material to cell in the project. The complexity of the “battery” system and its heterogeneous materials is accounted for by an ontology in which the components are clearly described at different scales. In this way, material data and knowledge can be logically stringently linked and queried.