KonSuhl – Continuous Suspension Production

Project duration:
01.08.2016 – 31.07.2019


  • Institute of Particle Technology (iPAT)
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The aim and content of the research project KonSuhl within the competence cluster for battery cell production (ProZell) is the establishment of a continuous dispersion process for electrode suspensions. The investigations focus on the comparison between different process sequences, the scalability of the process and the influence of continuous suspension production on the subsequent process steps. Furthermore, a process structure model for predicting the dispersion outcome is to be developed. The overall goal is to replace the discontinuous suspension production process, which is regarded as the state of the art, with a more economical and advantageous continuous production process.

Goals and tasks of the iPAT

  • Development and adaptation of analytical methods and development of quality criteria for suspension production
  • Establishment and adaptation of continuous dispersion processes
  • Proof of process capability/scalability
  • Establishment of a process structure model and a process cost model